Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General Information
What types of organizations does RMCTOOLS support?
Just about anything that describes itself as a club, group, or association. RMCTOOLS is perfect for everything from a Girl Scout Troop to a Homeowners Association to a PTA to a Motorcycle Riding Club. And in fact, we currently have all of those types of organizations as clients ... and many more.

The basic premise of RMCTOOLS is to provide a way for organizations like yours to have both a public web presence AND the ability to manage and communicate with your members.

How much does it cost? How will we be billed?
Pricing is based on the number of members you have. Check out our General Information page for more details.

We will invoice you yearly, starting after you've used RMCTOOLS for two months. In other words, if you signed up in mid-January, we would determine the number of members you had at the beginning of April and send you an invoice for that amount (minus any discounts). And then next April you would receive another invoice, based on the number of members you had then.

And like your members, you have the option of paying via check or Paypal.

Are there any hidden charges?
No, assuming you just sign up for a generic web site. But there are a number of options you can elect to purchase for an additional cost. These include using your own domain name, having us pre-populate your membership roster from a spreadsheet, etc. Again, please see the General Information page for more details.

I'm not very computer literate. How easy is RMCTOOLS to use?
Very. On all of the member and administrator screens, we provide detailed information on what you can and cannot do ... and how. There is also an extensive help section with videos, how-tos, and other information to support you. But honestly, you probably won't need all of that. The site is extremely simple to operate.

What enhancements are planned for the future?
Wow, that list is long. We have a number of enhancements we are planning for the site. Too many, in fact, to list here. But if you want more more information on what we've got in the queue, what we've already launched, and what other things we're working on, check out our Technical Page.

What does RMCTOOLS stand for?
Whatever you want it to.

Membership and Dues Processing
How many members can I have?
No limit.

Do I have to charge dues?
Absolutely not. As an administrator, you decide if you want to turn on the dues module. If you do, you have the option of assessing manual, monthly or yearly dues. And all options come with additional custom features (like prorating, etc.).

Can I create special assessments for my members?
Sure can. The dues module will automatically handle recurring assessments. But when you need to create something special, for either an individual or the entire organization, RMCTOOLS will easily allow you to do that.

How can our members pay their dues and assessments?
Right now, there are two ways: manually or by Paypal. Administrators can mark dues asessments as paid if a member hands them a check (or cash). And if your group elects to use it, we also offer the option of Paypal. And with the PP option, we take care of resolving who paid against what was owed. There is no need for you to try to reconcile your Paypal statement against a spreadsheet. (Although we do allow you to generate such a spreadsheet!)

What happens when our members don't pay their dues?
That is up to you. By default, we do nothing. But you can specify the number of months a member is allowed to go unpaid, and the system will automatically deactivate them if that threashold is reached.

The system will not automatically delete the member, but they will lose the right to log in. Administrators can also do this manually.

Web Site and Publishing
Can I customize the way my site looks?
Absolutely! Within limits, that is. As an administrator, you have several controls that allow you to pick display themes, upload logos, and generally tweak how your site looks and feels. And we're adding new controls with each release.

Are all published articles and events viewable by the public? Can I limit who sees them?
When you create an article or event, you select who its audience is. There are two settings ... 'public', which means everyone can view it, and 'membership', which is limited to active members of your organization. This allows you to publish stories of general interest to both internal and external users, yet keep private information within your group.

Can I attach photos, videos, and documents to my articles?
You sure can, assuming the person asking has permissions to author or edit articles. The tools allow for various types of images and documents to be uploaded and attached to an article (images can be shown in a slideshow), and the screens will also allow you to embed videos from Youtube and other video sharing sites.

Can I assign responsibilities to members without making them administrators?
Yes. We realize that you probably don't want to open up all controls to every member who wants to pitch in. So each area (like article publishing and event management) has its own permission list. You keep administrators limited to those who need to manage the entire site, and grant very specific access to others as needed.

RMCTOOLS Lets You Succeed
Creating a successful web presence for your club or organization isn't hard. But it does require some thought and planning.
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